Saturday 16 September 10:30-16:30

Healing from the Heart

– Taking and giving meditations

Open to everyone, this course will include guided meditations and teachings on the ancient practice of taking and giving.  Taking and giving is a powerful method to increase our spiritual strength, maintain a positive mind in the face of adversities, and develop a kind heart.  In meditation we courageously take on others’ suffering by means of compassion and we give them pure happiness by means of love. This practise helps us to actualize the tremendous potential we all have for unbiased love and universal compassion.

This meditation also destroys the cause of all of our suffering and fears – our selfish / “self-cherishing” mind, thereby healing ourself from mental and physical suffering. By destroying our self-cherishing mind we naturally become a fearless, joyful person with a vast capacity for helping others in the most beneficial ways. What could be more meaningful than this!

Teacher: Kelsang Jangdom

about the teacher:

Kelsang Jangdom has been practising Buddhism and meditation since 2003 and he ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2010.  Originally from England,  Jangdom has been supporting the Kadampa centers in the Nordic Region for many years and since January 2015 he has been the Resident Teacher at Tara Kadampa Buddhist Center in Stockholm.

He is a caring and considerate person with a good sense of humor.  He applies himself with great effort to benefitting others.  In a light and joyful manner he shares the many powerful benefits of Buddhism in his wise and inspiring teachings.


395 kr (20% discount for students and pensioners). This course is included in the term card.